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A collection of answers on the most frequently asked questions concerning services provided by our company.


Within the pc renta you receive:

  • selected pc model with hotswap
  • power cable
  • SSD disk
  • installation of the selected operating system

The computers currently rented by us can be modified in terms of:

  • RAM memory expansion
  • CPU and motherboard changes
  • Hard disk changes
  • Operating system installation

The scope of possible changes depends on the possibility of a specific specification.

The rental price include:

  • chosen pc model with hotswap
  • power cable
  • SSD disk
  • transport case (when you order at least 5 pcs)
  • first aid kit
  • operating system installation 
  • immediate pc replacement in case of any failure 

The rental price does not include:

  • costs of transportation 
  • pc modifications
  • accessories 
  • taxes


Of course, you can. If you want to do your research into compatibility and then buy all the components yourself, that’s fine. You can then drop it all off at our HQ in Warsaw, Przyczółkowa 350, 02-962.

We build custom PC gaming systems for kids, teenagers and adults.

Once we have all the parts, it takes on average 48 hours to build and assemble your gaming PC.

Of course, just let us know your budget and personal preferences. We will prepare custom offering for you fitting your wallet.

Both for pc upgrade and custom build you can pay via:

  • bank transfer

Just remember that if you want us to buy all the parts, we will send you a quote with the total price and pay by bank transfer.


The time of order fulfillment depends largely on the chosen service. We usually rent a PC within 24 to 48 hours from signing the contract. On the other hand, a custom PC depends on the selected configuration, and thus the availability of individual components. As a standard, we try to fulfill this type of order within 5-10 business days.

  • by calling us
  • by sending an e-mail to hello@switchitgaming.eu or directly to a contact person from our company Payment

Yes, of course. Each inquiry is carefully analyzed by our specialist who will contact you directly via email or phone to finalize all details. After this you will receive final offer in pdf file via mail. 

There is always some space for negotiations. The final decision depends mostly of the order type so please contact us directly to gain more details: hello@switchitgaming.eu. 

Shipping to:

  • European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden;
  • The European Economic Area (EEA): Liechtenstein and Norway;
  • Switzerland;
  • United Kingdom.


Yes of course. We issue invoices to each order made by company. Only individual clients receive receipt.

If you buy a goods as final customer in the European Union and you do not have a valid VAT ID, then we need to add percentage value of VAT to your order. Value of VAT will be equal to VAT you pay in your country.

If you buy a goods as a company in the European Union and you have a valid VAT ID, you do not need to pay the VAT tax.

If you are outside the EU, you will probably have to pay some import tax or customs duties in your country. Please get information about the legal import procedures in your country prior to placing your order. If you need to process the export documents, please contact us for further help.

  • we attach the electronic invoice to the e-mail notification about sending the goods
  • we attach the traditional invoice in the shipment with the goods

We can issue an invoice with a deferred payment date in the following cases:

  • for companies with which we are in longterm close cooperation and have history of regular payments within the prescribed period
  • for budgetary units in selected ceses
  • for custom order based on individual agreements 


  • if the product you received is out of order, please contact us at the following e-mail address: hello@switchitgaming.eu
  • if the defect appeared during the use of the equipment, during the warranty period, the duration of which was specified during the purchase, also contact us at hello@switchitgaming.eu
  • if the defect concerns the rented equipment – write directly to the contact person with information about the type of defect occurring and describe the reason for its occurrence  (if determinable).

Within the rental price you are guarantied impediment equipment replacement in case of any failure. No matter the reason, if it breaks down or is damaged, or as a result of actions caused by third parties, we are obligated to replace damaged hardware with the new ones within 24 hours after receiving an information.


In selected cases we do accept barter or half-barter as a legitimate method of payment. Please contact us at hello@switchitgaming.eu to receive more info.

There are 3 cooperation models available:

  • lease agreement – signed individually to each order. This model of cooperation does not include huge discounts due its unscheduled repeatability. With such orders we can offer max 10-30% discount. 
  • framework agreement – usually sign for 6-12 months. Within this agreement the client declares annual orders quantity and  their value. Based on that the discounts are calculated. The prices are calculated based on the estimated annual rental value. In this model discounts reach 50-70%
  • monthly fee – this model is also based on the estimated annual rental value. However, in contrast to framework agreement, where the payments are made separately for each order, in this model the client pays regular monthly fee. All the payments sum up to one annual „wallet” witch can be spend via rental orders. In this model discounts reach 60-80%

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