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Rental equipment that have the superpowers to change anything. To start, choose one of the two most powerful configurations that will transform your esports event. Additionally, explore our irreplaceable alliances to make everything harmonize perfectly.

switchit ace - gaming pcs for rent

switchit ace

processor: Intel Core i7-12700KF
RAM: 32 GB 3600 MHz CL16
graphic card: ASUS GeForce TUF RTX 3070 Ti OC
SSD disk: Samsung EVO 870 500 GB

(quantity: 110+)

from €27,00/day

switchit pro - gaming pcs for rent

switchit pro

processor: Intel Core i9-9900KF
RAM: 16 GB 3200 MHz CL16
graphic card: ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 Super
SSD disk: 480 GB SSD

(quantity: 150)

from €15,00/day

benq xl zowie

240Hz Refresh Rate; TN Panel
DyAc™ Technology
Black eQualizer; Color Vibrance
S Switch & Shielding Hood

(quantity: 150)

from €15,00/day

logitech streamcam

max video resolution: 1080p/60 fps in MJPEG
cable: 1.5 m USB – C3.1 cable
focus: autofocus (10 cm to infinity)
field of view: 78° (diagonal)

from €15,00/day

spc gear viro

sensitivity: 98±4DB at 1KHZ
transducer (mm): Φ53
impedance (Ω): 32±20%
frequency responce (HZ): 20 ~ 20 000
weight (g): 307 ±5

from €5,00/day

spc gear
gaming mouse

maximum sensitivity (dpi): 8000
max tracking speed (m/s): 2.54
sensor: pixart pmw3325
weight (g): 59 ±1

from €5,00/day

spc gear tournament kailh

connectivity: USB 2.0
keyboard type: mechanical
size (full/TKL): 100%
weight: 915g

from €5,00/day

spc gear
sr600 bk

covering material: eco leather
weight (kg): 23,15
inner seat width (mm): 400
seat depth (mm): 500

from €10,00/day

spc gear

width of the desktop (mm): 1500
deep of the desktop (mm): 780
height of the desk (mm): 730-1200
weight (kg): 39,6

from €10,00/day

first aid kit

Everything you need to make quick fix during your event or tournament. The kit contains:

  • 1 x spare SSD disk
  • 1 x power supply cable
  • approx 20 x cable ties
  • adhesive tape
  • screwdriver
  • set of screws
transport case

transport case

They are resistant to water, dust and pressure, and we give you a guarantee that they will not come across any surprises during collection.

length: 1200 mm
width: 760 mm
hight: 550mm + 135 mm wheels
weight: empty: 30 kg, full: 90-150 kg

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