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We have long-standing experience in building custom-made computers. On a daily basis, we assemble PC units ideally suited to individual preferences using high-quality, stable components.

Are you looking for computer equipment prepared especially for your individual needs? We will build the machine of your dreams!

tailor made offer
fitting your situation

Just tell us your budget, and we will build you a dream gaming computer.
Whether you need a professional build for your work or birthday present for son
or daughter or when you want a custom build PC for yourself. Just contact us!

custom pc

We will build your dreamed gaming pc according to your budget. Research and buy all the parts, provide assembly service, and do all the hard work with a fully customized pc.

  • ready to play: we will deliver you fully assembled, tested and ready to play gaming computers
  • customized: Each component in our computers has been designed for maximum performance and usability based on your needs
  • built by experts: we have long-standing experience in building custom-made computers

custom pc

When you are happy with your gaming PC but would like to improve the appearance or performance. When you are looking for performance or visual upgrades to your existing computer, for ex:

  • RGB lights: you might want to add some synchronised RGB lights
  • new case: got a new GPU, and it’s running a bit hot? Might want to get a new case with better airflow
  • cooling: it’s time to take cooling to another level
  • bottleneck removal: when your PC is not running quite as it should, maybe it’s about the right balance

pc repair

Honest and fast custom PC built repair service with long opening hours and free investigation, you’ve got nothing to lose.

We will help you with:

  • heat distribution
  • speed performance
  • power issues


Show your custom-built computer some love by having it cleaned from dust and repasting the CPU and graphics card or going for an annual health check.

Our main services:

  • dust cleaning
  • preventing overheating

annual health

Keep your gaming PC in peak performance by having an annual health check where we check:

Our main services:

  • deep dust cleaning
  • storage capacity
  • BIOS update
  • windows check

you need a pc builders that
knows what they are doing

high quality components

Gaming pcs build by switchit gaming are made using only brand new parts sourced from tried and tested sellers based in the EU.

compatibility checked

While building your dreamed custom gaming pc, we double check that all parts are compatible, minimising bottlenecks and potential errors.

industry knowledge

We have long-standing experience in building custom-made computers for esport and professional gamers and streamers. 

balanced system

We make sure the your pc is well-providing excellent performance not necessary with a large budget. We don’t want you to pay for a custom-built when the gpu won’t perform to its full potential because it is not balanced.

we provide equipment form brands such as

you are just
3 steps away
from going pro

Gaming events, e-sports tournaments, VR projects or video editing require power. This can only be provided by high performance computers.

We are gamers too, and every computer we build is with the same level of care as it was our own. No compromises.

Let us know about the purpose of your computer, the budget, and the importance of the design. We want to be sure we will pick right solution for you weather it is just pc upgrade or fully new build.

initial talk and
setting up


Our specialists will prepare a personalized offer taking into account all your expectations. We will make sure compatibility of all parts.

final offer


We will prepare your dream configuration or update. Firstly we will order all parts for your pc. Then we will take care of the assembly and performance tests. And finally your dream pc is ready to play!  

On top of that, we can assist you with choosing personalized accessories, such as a gaming chair or a mouse.

assembly and
final tuning


our projects

are you looking for a tailor-made computer or upgrade?

Write us today! Who knows…
You might just find your dream PC at your doorstep tomorrow!

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