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customized esports equipment for optimal performance

Unlock unparalleled gaming experiences with the largest fleet of high-performance gaming pc for rent in Europe. Our rigs feature top-of-the-line components, delivering unmatched performance that outshines the competition.

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gaming desktops

Unlock high-performance gaming pc for rent. Choose from our 250+ strong fleet!

Looking for gaming pcs for rent? We offer the largest selection of gaming desktops, meticulously crafted not just for esports pros but also for professionals seeking unparalleled power.

All units feature identical configurations, sleek design, and potent computing capabilities. Easily configure all devices simultaneously, and enjoy the added convenience of hot-swap pockets for on-the-fly disk changes. Level up your experience today!

professional monitors & accessories

Elevate your event with seamless harmony. Enhance your gaming pc for rent!

Discover a range of irreplaceable alliances to ensure flawless event coordination. Enhance your rental order with top-tier computer accessories, including:

  • High-performance professional monitors
  • Precision gaming accessories (mice, keyboards, web cameras)
  • Mobile bootcamp setups, complete with premium gaming chairs and tables

Elevate your gaming experience today!

top ordered equipment:

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ultra - AMD

Experience gaming greatness with our latest AMD creation! Enjoy mind-blowing performance, power, and speed with the AMD Ryzen 7 7700.

It’s the ultimate compact gaming rig in our fleet, packed into the sleek Fractal Air Pop Mini case.

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700
  • 32 GB DDR5 6000MHz CL36
  • ASUS GeForce RTX 4070 DUAL
  • ASUS TUF Gaming B650M-Plus WIFI
switchit ace - gaming pcs for rent

ace - Intel

Unlock the full potential of our cutting-edge Intel gaming build and prepare to conquer the esports world.

Engineered to meet international esports standards, this setup is a Intel-powered tournament-ready champion that guarantees peak performance in every gaming arena. 

  • Intel Core i7-12700KF
  • 32 GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16
  • ASUS GeForce RTX 4070 DUAL

tailor made

esport associated
companies and agencies

Gaming equipment for rent. We have the largest fleet of 250 + gaming desktops created especially for professional esports players. 

We also create a full bootcamp experience, with top of the shelf gaming equipment wherever our clients need it.


We provide powerful gaming pc for rent for professionals who need highly efficient equipment to deal with most challenging tasks. 

We have long-standing experience in building custom-made computers for individual clients.

Join the world of top esports teams and experience the winning edge. Our 250+gaming pc for rent, housed in the largest esports center in the country, have fueled victories at prestigious events like DreamHack, Intel Extreme Masters, and ESL Polish Championships. We proudly collaborate with industry leaders including Frenzy, ESL, PLE, Gamers8, Freaks4U, and more.

Customized to individual preferences, our high-quality PCs are assembled with stable components to deliver optimal performance. From thrilling finals in the Polish Esports League to dominating Apex Legends and VALORANT tournaments, our fleet has powered international teams like Tundra and Become Legends.

Unlock the true potential of esports with the same excellence showcased at prestigious events worldwide. Join us and take your gaming experience to new heights!

unleash your gaming potential. join the elite!

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esport events

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solutions ensuring
your peace of mind

first aid kit

Everything you need to make quick fix during your event or tournament. The kit contains:

  • 1 x spare SSD disk
  • 1 x power supply cable
  • approx 20 x hose ties
  • adhesive tape
  • screwdriver
  • set of screws

transport cases

Our boxes ensure that the equipment will reach its destination in perfect condition, regardless of the distance traveled. We give you a guarantee that they will not come across any surprises during collection.

equipment replacement

If an emergency situation arises, we will provide you with replacement equipment within 24-48 hours. This ensures that your event/tournament runs smoothly without any interruptions. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur, and our goal is to alleviate any concerns so you can focus on delivering the best possible experience.

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say about us:

ESL Gaming

It has been almost 3 years that we’ve been working with Switchit and during this time, we have managed to build a strong relationship, the greatest advantage of which is great communication. The team is extremely competent and open – they are always happy to provide advice and support in the selection of equipment, quick offers and, most importantly, last-minute orders. Order execution is flawless, as is the service in sporadic cases of damage or failure.



We have been cooperating with Switchit from the very beginning. In the course of this cooperation, we have learned that it is a progressive and flexible team characterized by exceptional expertise and passion. What distinguishes them from the market is extraordinary professionalism and a sophisticated take on action. The perfect business partner for modern companies. We highly recommend them!


Esport Performence Center

Switchit has proven to be a company perfectly tailored around our needs. We work together on a daily basis to rent a large number of computers, but we also offer full professionalism during our travel projects. Great service, top-level transport security, and adaptation to customer needs.


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    get 5% discount!

    Sign up for exclusive offers, original stories, brand and service updates, and more by subscribing to their newsletter!

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